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  • How do I block / unblock another member?

    Visit the profile of the person you want to block and click on the 'Block User' icon at the top right of the page. You will receive a popup 'Are you sure you want to block this user?'. Click on 'yes' to confirm.

    Once you blocked a member, the person will be removed from all your lists in the dating center and search results and will not be able to contact you anymore.

    Unfortunately, at this moment we do not have the option to manage your blocked list. So it is not possible to 'unblock' someone.

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  • Why are my upgrade attempts being rejected?

    In case your upgrade attempt is rejected please try at least 2 times more (sometimes it goes through after 2-3 attempts).

    Most of the time your bank/card issuer is rejecting an upgrade attempt because they put certain restrictions on your card.

    Below are the most common decline reasons:

    1. your card issuer automatically rejects:
      - transactions from overseas companies
      - online transactions
      - transactions with 'adult' related content
    2. not enough funds available on your card or credit limit exceeded
    3. wrong credit card number and/or expiration date and/or cvv number

    If you filled out your correct credit card number, expiration date & cvv and your upgrade attempt is still denied please call your bank/card issuer and ask them why they are rejecting the transaction. If it is because of certain restrictions, you can request them to remove those restrictions for billings from our company. Once your card issuer confirms the restrictions are removed try again.

    If you are still experiencing problems after you called your card issuer please contact us and let us know the reject reason your card issuer provided so we can investigate.

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  • What does the 'crown' icon mean on a profile thumb?

    The crown icon indicates the user is a premium member.

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  • What are 'likes' & 'matches' and how does it work?

    When you visit a profile you can 'like' the member. When you 'like' someone, the member will receive a notification you liked her/him with the option to like you back. If the other member likes you back, you will become a match and the profile will appear in your 'My Matches' section accessible through the Activity menu.

    You can also view the persons you liked (but who did not like you back yet) through the 'My Likes' section inside the Activity menu. You can also view the persons that like you (but who you did not like back yet) through the 'Liked me' section.

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  • What does the green icon indicate on a profile thumb?

    The green icon indicates the person is currently online.

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  • How would a charge appear on my credit card statement?

    We respect your privacy. The charge will appear as XDXPAY.COM, merchant located in Cyprus.

    Our site name will not appear anywhere on your statement. Obviously we will also never send anything to your physical address.

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  • I forgot my username and/or password

    Click here in order to recover your username/password by email.

    You will receive an email from us containing your username and a special direct login link with option to change your password. If our email is not appearing in your inbox please make sure to check your spam/junk folder too.

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  • I received a spam message. What should I do?

    Sadly, it's a fact any big social community attracts spammers & scammers. They create fake accounts with false information and try to collect email addresses by sending out 'likes' or some even upgrade with stolen credit card information in order to spam other members through our message feature. Our fraud department blocks close to 500 users daily because of this however there are always some who slip through our anti-fraud system.

    When you visit a profile there is a 'Report User' option at the top right of the page. Please use this option to report anything suspicious and someone from our fraud departement will investigate & block the account.

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  • How to add more information about myself on my profile?

    You can click on 'Profile Settings' at the top of your account in order to personalize your profile with a profile description and more details about yourself such as height, hair color, body type etc

    After writing your description or changing your personal information click on 'Save Settings' button to store your updated information.

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  • How do I cancel my recurring membership?

    As a premium member you can cancel your recurring membership at any time by clicking on Profile menu --> 'Account Settings' option. From there untick the 'recurring' checkbox. This way your premium membership will expire after 1 month or the period you selected and automatically transfer into a 'standard' non-paying account again.

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  • How do I send messages to other members?

    In order to send messages to other members you need to be a premium member.

    As a premium member, when you visit a profile you can send a message through the 'Messages' section. Any responses from that member will also appear through that 'Messages' section. So basically the conversation between you & the profile you are visiting is always visible through this section.

    As a premium member when you contact a standard user, you are free to include contact information (such as phone number, email address).

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  • How do I change my email address or password ?

    Click on 'Account Settings' at the top of your account and then look for the email field.

    To change your email address: fill out your password first and then fill out your new email address. Make sure to click on the 'Save Settings' button.

    To change your password: fill out your current password and then your new password. Again, make sure to click on the 'Save Settings' button.

    If you forgot your password you can always change it by clicking this link .

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  • How do I increase my chances in finding someone?

    There are lots of things you can do to increase your chances in finding a partner on our website! Below are 8 proven tips:

    1) upload a photo. Fact is members with a photo get a lot more activity compared to members without a photo.

    2) be creative when sending messages to other members. Do no copy & paste the same message to every member you contact but write something funny/personalized to the person that will catch their attention. These type of messages get a lot more responses then just a plain message 'hi wanna chat?' for example.

    3) also contact standard & premium members without a photo. Some members do no upload public photo(s) because of privacy concerns. You can include members without photos in your searches by unticking the 'photo' checkbox when you perform a search.

    4) add members you are interested in to your "My Likes" list by clicking the green 'Like me' button when you visit a profile. If they like you back, the profile will appear in your 'My Matches' section accessible through the 'Activity' menu. Being a match is already a good conversation starter :)

    5) post original/funny/catchy updates through the dating center. These updates are visible for all gender(s) you are looking for and are a great way to get noticed.

    6) visit as much members you are interested in as possible, when you visit a profile you will appear in the 'viewed you' list of that member which is a good way to get noticed!

    7) check the 'Online Now' & 'New Members' section daily for members you are interested in. Chances getting a response back obviously increase if the user is also online.

    8) Lastly, be patient. Some members (especially females with photos) receive many messages every day or only check their account a couple of times per week so do not expect instant responses.

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  • How do I upload photos to my profile?

    Adding a photo to your profile is a very good idea that will increase activity to your profile by 15! Follow the steps below:

    1. click on 'Upload Photo' at the top of your account
    2. then click on that icon and select the photo you want to upload from your computer
    3. click 'ok' or 'open' (depending on your browser)

    Your photo will be automatically uploaded.

    Alternatively you can send your photo(s) to a special email address which is visible in 'Upload Photo' section. Just email your photo(s) as attachments to this custom email address and our script will automatically upload them to your profile within seconds.

    Please note all photos are reviewed before they appear to other users. Below are some guidelines:

    1. only upload photos of yourself (no cars, landscapes, celebrity pictures etc)
    2. no contact information or advertisement (URLs) can be visible
    3. photo can not contain anyone underage (even in the background) due to the nature of the site
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  • How do I change my username / location / age ?

    First of all click on "Profile Setting" at the top right menu.

    Username: click on your username in order to update it, after that click on 'Save Settings'

    Location: Click on your country in order to edit it, select your country and change your city. When you type in the first 3 characters suggestions should start to appear.  Click the correct city and click on 'Save Settings' in order to save your changes.

    Age: In your personal information area there is an option to change your birthday. After you update it click on 'Save Settings'.

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  • What is the difference between a standard & premium member?

    As a standard member you can visit unlimited profiles, read/receive private messages from premium members and you can like other users however you can not send messages yourself.

    As a premium member you can send private messages to all users (standard & premium) and you can also post updates through the home page which is an excellent way to attract more attention to you profile! You will also appear higher in search results with a catchy 'crown' icon (which means more views) and you will have full access to our videos section where you can find a huge amount of full length movies.

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  • Who to contact for billing related questions?

    If you have a billing related question you can either send an email to or you can call our billing department number below:

    International Phone: +1 (661) 418-7167

    Please only use the above number for billing related questions. If you have site related questions contact us by email.

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  • Are there payment alternatives besides credit card payment?

    Unfortunately at this moment we only accept payments by credit/debit card with a VISA or Mastercard logo.

    If you do not have a credit card you can always purchase a prepaid/gift card with a VISA or Mastercard logo (make sure however the card doesn't have any restrictions in place such as 'offline purchases only' or 'no overseas transactions')

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  • What are your membership prices & payment options?

    At this moment we have 3 membership levels:

    Standard membership:

    Premium membership:
    1 month: $29.95, renews at $29.95/month after expiring
    3 months: $59.95, renews at $19.98/month after expiring
    12 months: $119.95, does not automatically renew

    You can upgrade to a premium membership by credit card payment. We accept all credit/debit cards with a VISA or Mastercard logo. Unfortunately at this moment we do not offer any payment alternatives.

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  • What is 'show adult content' ?

    Show Adult Content is an option that allows you to filter out sexual & explicit photos. If 'Show Adult Content' is OFF it means any sexual & explicit photos will be replaced with a default 'safe' thumb.

    If 'Show Adult Content' is ON all photos will be displayed.

    At any time you can easily enable or disable 'Show Adult Content' by clicking on the ON/OFF switch in your 'Account Settings' page.

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