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jhe87jh43 Kent, WA, United States Female, 41
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About me
I am looking for a life partner and fun
  • Gender Female
  • I am seeking Men
  • City: Kent
  • Profession Prefer Not To Say
  • Relationship Status Prefer Not To Say
My Characteristics
Honest, Sensitive, Friendly, Calm, Reliable, Patient, Fashionable, Cheerful, Helpful, Generous, Business, Sexy, Cute, Badass, Funny, Optimistic, Charming, Cultured, Giving, Broad-minded, Creative, Smart
I am here looking for
Dating, Long Term Relationship
Favorite Activities
Cooking, Dancing, Swimming, Tennis, Bowling, Skiing, Snowboarding, Horse Riding, Hiking, Fishing, Yoga, Music, Gym, Reading, Bicycling, Camping
What Turns Me On

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