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nicelove023 Washington, DC, United States Female, 30
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About me
I like to bring joy and warmth to people. I am the one who is always in search to know more about this world, life and people. I like to communicate with clever, interesting and many-sided people. I am an active person, who is independently-minded, self-sufficient, kind, reliable, charming, talented, family-oriented. Also I am a hopeless romantic with a sense of humor. I enjoy meeting my friends, going out. Generally I try to be a self-developed person.
  • Gender Female
  • I am seeking Men
  • City: Washington
  • Profession Business (Management)
  • Relationship Status Ask me
My Characteristics
Honest, Reliable, Careful, Cheerful, Sexy, Lively, Amiable, Smart
I am here looking for
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Favorite Activities
Cooking, Soccer, Football, Drinking, Scuba Diving
What Turns Me On
Bondage, Foreplay/Teasing, Lingerie, Sex w/ Stranger

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