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steamyda Seattle, WA, United States Female, 22
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About me
I am young, beautiful, sexy hot woman!! As a nurse, I make sure you're being comfortable with me. I love men who's down for a hot passionate night! I don't dislike shy guys though but you're very much welcome to my naughty world. Always been myself since I was born so I have no plans on changing that. I just want to be me, nobody but me can change that fact, not even GOD himself!! I am looking for my Mr. Right Now because it's hard to find Mr. Right. I always do travel so don't be surprise if I am on your town or city! I don't receive anything here though and it's weird so if you like to juliafangs3 on the place where gee is always connected to a word that sounds like male then you know where it should be! Have fun and be real always!!! I love honest and REAL men! Please no flakes allowed!
  • Gender Female
  • I am seeking Men
  • City: Seattle
  • Profession Medical (Nursing/Physician)
  • Relationship Status Single
My Characteristics
Honest, Cheerful, Naughty, Humorous, Sexy, Cute, Horny, Creative, Smart
I am here looking for
Casual encounters, Dating, Friends with benefits, Discreet Romance, Long Term Relationship, Other
Favorite Activities
Dancing, Swimming, Karaoke, Restaurant, Music, Gym, Shopping, Cars/Motorbikes
What Turns Me On
Casual Sex, Kinky fun, Fetishes, Sex Toys, Gentleness, Foreplay/Teasing, Oral (receiving), Oral (giving), Cuddling/Hugging, Masturbation, 69

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